Steroids Vs Prohormones- The Real Difference

There is no one in the fitness thing who never heard about steroids.

They are the powerful substance used by many hotshot bodybuilders and athletes to boost physical stamina and growth.

Steroids are okay in terms of effects, but the safety is absolutely not guaranteed which makes us come to another thing called Prohormones.

Prohormones are basically same as steroids, only they are relatively safer than them.

The majority of bodybuilders are using steroids in spite of getting many side effects because some of them haven’t heard of Prohormones and their efficacy to build the bodybuilding physique.

This is a fact that anyone who is looking to build an impressive physique with no side effects should immediately be switched to Prohormones.

Steroid- What Is It?

We all know about steroids, which are a chemical combination of some androgenic compounds used to mimic the natural hormones such as Testosterone. You can find best testosterone booster at GNC!

It is not a fact that steroids are used to develop muscle mass and build ginormous physique only, but they have certain other uses because of which they are still being manufactured and supplied to many people having severe health conditions.

Some of the main uses of steroids are:

Enhance cellular integrity to improve overall body functions. Upon steroid administration, your cells balance water by retaining them in or flushing the excessive amount out to stay well-maintained.

Other uses it to take them as a human hormone replacement. There are now many peoples are searching what is cbd oil and how it can improve physical health and fitness?

In some men production of Testosterone is restricted due to many unknown factors, to overcome this limited secretion external forms of androgenic compounds such as steroids are used to fulfill the requirement.

This may also help men with their masculine features.

It is not like steroids are of a single type and can only be used to build mass.

There are many varieties of steroids and all of them are characterized according to their main function in the human body.

Anabolic steroids are one type which affects muscle growth and density by increasing a process called protein synthesis in our body.

Their function is to provide sufficient amount of protein to every group of cells and thereby improving masculine traits.

As there are certain remarkable benefits delivered by steroids due to which they are demanded by the people, the substance also exerts life-threatening side effects to human health.

In many countries, steroids are not for sale unless you have a doctor’s prescription.

Anyone who is untrained to use steroids should not buy or possess them.

This is the reason why steroids are classified as a Schedule III drug which is strictly illegal in the United States.

Even the substance is illegal in many countries, but people are buying them anyway.

There are many online sources which are notorious for steroids selling which induces risk to people’s lives and health.

Some steroids are not even tested on human and are sold directly on the black market for the temporary effects.

Anabolic steroids are being sold in many countries, some of the famous brands are:

  • Nandrolone, Primobolan, Testosterone, and Trenbolone in injection form.
  • Dianabol, Anadrol, Anavar, Winstrol, Halodrol in oral form.

What are Prohormones?

A Prohormone is a substance that acts like body natural hormones once it gets converted by an enzymatic system in our body.

They are not steroids, but many people refer them as the steroid for their effects.

Patient who has depleted level of natural hormones and cannot respond well to injections are given Prohormones because of their more bioavailability.

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Prohormones act differently according to body’s need.

For example, if your body needs more Testosterone, there are Prohormones for testosterone, which elevate the T-Level significantly.

Consuming Testosterone via injection can be harmful since it is a powerful steroid which has more side effects.

Testosterone develops new muscle mass with an extreme amount of strength which upon steroid consumption cannot happen always.

Prohormones on the other hand only assist the natural process by which your body secretes Testosterone in abundant form.

Prohormones are the first line of choice for people who do not believe in taking synthetic steroids. Steroids are synthetically extracted and work by producing their own hormones, which sometimes leads to hormonal overdrive.

Roid rage is another term to define the situation where a person gets aggressive and extremely angry due to an abnormal bombardment of hormones inside.

Unlike steroids, prohormones only regulate the natural flow of hormones and don’t retain them for any roid rage condition to occur.

Commonly use Prohormones which are easily available are:

  • EpiAndrosterone
  • 4-andro
  • 1-andro
  • 5-andro

Steroid Vs Prohormones- Which One Is Safer?

Generally, you will find Prohormones much safer than steroids.

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Both of them offer fewer side effects, but in the case of steroids, the intensity of these side effects are higher than usual. Some of the dangerous side effects of steroid use are:

  • Steroids taken orally can infect liver cells and damage them functions.
  • Alopecia, hair loss is much commonly associated with the use of Anadrol 50 and Dianabol.
  • Injectable steroids such as Nandrolone are dangerous for the heart and can cause heart attacks or Myocardial infarction if taken in higher dose multiple times.
  • Superdrol is harmful to prostate health as well as injurious to cardiac functions.

No matter if you are taking the steroids orally or by injections, the frequency of side effects will be slightly differing.

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You will lose your hair, prostate health which most of the times can lead to erectile dysfunction, or you can simply be a victim of cardiac arrest which is a sudden death.

Prohormones are safer than steroids, but that doesn’t make you take it so frequently.

Many studies have shown there are some side effects present with Prohormones use, which are many steroids alike.

Prohormones can also over stimulate the hormones due to which user experience side effects like steroids.

Epiandrosterone is a powerful prohormone, an alternative to testosterone, which according to reports causes hair loss and prostate cancer on excessive consumption.

Final Thoughts

Prohormones are relatively safer than steroids because a body can reject too much stimulation of hormones, but when the receptor is directly stimulated it cannot be controlled.

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Steroids target the receptors regardless of how much your body needs. So the effects are irreversible and dangerous.

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Steroids on overdose can cause certain malfunctions of the vital organs and sometimes cause sudden death.

Prohormones on the other hand, when consumed too much, it will be balanced by the body’s natural act to balance hormones usually by the process called Homeostasis.

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This is why it is generally considered less harmful than steroids.

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